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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 7, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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cushions of bart seats. after testing was done by a san francisco university professor. kate thompson shown what part is doing. >> this is the problem, discolored with mysterious stains. keeping bees clean is a daily battle. maintenance crews keeping- these clean. with industrial cleaners and if all else fails for moving this for dry cleaning. and a dry cleaning the is. $600,000 per year. >>reporter: ongoing? is enough being done? >> what we've done is cut back on the cleaning of the rider ships is that the want cleaner cars. it is not enough we want to do more. >>reporter: border directors is not surprised that the coal and scan matters is found. fecal--scan.
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>> they tried to do a good job but with 300 to 2000 peoplwriting this every day, 350 k. all >>reporter: seats are replaced. at a cost of the elite $13,000 per car. and they're replacing each seat. >>pam: bay area dog owners are rallying for the off- lease areas. da lin ? >> yes, leash--off-leash areas. protesters, and the last 20 minutes. they are rallying outside of a public comment. inside of this fort mason the center. here is some back confirmation. the national park service has a golden gate national
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recreation area division. that division manages 21 areas in marin county, san francisco, san mateo county, and with off-leash dog walking. and obviously, dog owners are not happy. for example, this is baker beach, ocean beach, and those are some of the areas that they would like to be an off-leash areas or have those band-awfully curious. band-awfully curious, they feel that it is discriminatory. and they are wanting to band-the off leash serious- bann and earlier, we shot this video. it is like a trade show. they want to ban the off leash. thi area iareas.
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>> it is an extreme plan! 90 percent of our allotted land. then there has to be a ballots he does cannot ban something and not woryou cannot just be in something and cuffeexpect the impact. >> and several percussions prepared for. >> with the off-leash locations and several groups are represented. what they are concerned about is the national park service
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essentially, there is a public common area. however, they are asking the public to write down their concerns on this piece of paper and put it in a box. the national park service will have a staff member to evaluate all of the comments and then make recommendations. this is a long process. this will be at least another two years before the federal government officiates. >>pam: pg&e has to provide details for thousands of miles of gas pipe. a search for answers is going on at the historic cup hellas. tens of thousands of documents are brought in that historic cow palace. welch rwill tran it is going toe difficult for pg&e to meet the march 15th to set by the utilities commission that
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the pipes are safe. 5,700 mi. that run to northern and southern california. and after the san bruno gas line explosion that the computer records show that there were no wells and the pipe were wells and it was not seamle ss they are sifting through 100,000 boxes dating back to 1920. this is earlier from what we shot. one crate thousands of crates that are in a warehouse joined to the cow palace. pg&e is claiming transparency but were told to get off the premises that were not allowed to be their and their record to call the police department. pg&e
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did not allow us to enter. they claim they do not boss to bother the workers. reporting from call palace call palace >>this just in to the kron 4 news room in a surreal bank robber they are releasing photos of this suspect. serial--this is the photo, and a white turban. this is the person that robbed a chase bank and dental today and also the same person who brought in another- danville bank. hayward, credit union in concord and even and marin county. not sure if this guy is carrying a weapon and the got a with cash. $20,000 from the danville bank. (music) >>jacqueline: the live look outside from our stormtracker 4 radar. and a few specks of rain in the
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north bay but not too much as this storm is increasing cloud coverage to the bay area this afternoon. you can see the rainfall is moving in overnight. isolated shower activity. tonight, cloudy conditions of the wind will be dying down. overnight, but 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. decreasing cloud coverage and warmer temperatures tomorrow at noon. all of your details coming up. we will be back @ to this quick break. california should be proud.
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>>pam: martin grasmardi gras, lt how crowded it is in new orleans. ash wednesday. tomorrow is fat tuesday.
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honda is recalling 35,000 civic hybrids. with the electrical system that because the headlights to turn off or even the injun to instal the engine to stall oe high it is expected to begin at the end of this month 20 06-20 07. and 30% of the drivers have been confessed to texting and driving and talking while driving. 30 percent of all drivers under
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30 admit that it is dangerous. >> and a rear window smashed and her dog was stolen. she has been devastated. >> traumatic. i have had her for six years. and she is my family pad and much more a constant companion. a family-pat and i acknowledge that two of the pet owners i never thought this would happen to me. i feel like pet owners quickly are jumping to the post office, the store, a copy shop for a quick parento parent creek aaron-and i want to highlight not to do that to do a quick errand. and i think pet theft is on the rise. >> animal is showing that resale, breeding, fighting for animal fast.
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room to pedestrians for two different pedestrians, by a uc- berkeley boss. one of the victims is seriously hurt. by a uc birdlife - bus the pedestrians by a uc- berkeley bus traffic area is investigating and part of that road has been closed off. if >>jacqueline: with rain expected over night. a warm up. showers returning on thursday. your full forecast coming up..
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>>catherine: scientists excited. the most active volcano kiliwai the new vent is opening up. [laughter] 80
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ft. in the air area-lava -- has been a threat to areas and state parks, a back with it. >> president obama is falling to shut down-vowing to shut down. the letter carriers are showing support of public workers in wisconsin. the rejected a suggestion that he reconsider his plan to eliminate union rights for public workers. he called the " ridiculous " police in connecticut are finally capturing this vittoria's east coast rapist. you can see-the victorious east coast rapist. being put in the victorious and is
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blamed for 17 sexual assaults on women. and the notorious east coast request. >> a special discovery this morning. vo > >shatner: this is the space ship enterpirse, to boldy go and do what no spacecraft has done before >> a william shatner as special message. with just one of two different songs to wake up the shuttle crew members. this was the final flight for discovery landed on wednesday. that is
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landing on wednesday-- >>jacqueline: clouds continuing to push south. the tail and will clip overnight and tomorrow morning. isolated shower activity remaining. increasing cloud coverage tomorrow. temperatures warming up as the day progresses. 59 degrees in san francisco. how about taking a look at the stormtracker 4. this is extending always done to the end of the coast and the shore. so far, the bay has been dry. with just isolate shower activity overnight. the futurecast with mainly dry. by 11:00 p.m., it could be hit, miss, isolated showers with this system. 4:00 a.m., light shower activity over the east bay shore, redwood city, the santa cruz mountains. spot a shower activity 6:00 a.m. the rainfall will taper off
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into the later morning hours. some breaks later with warmer temperatures 63 degrees in santa rosa, 62 degrees in napa. vallejo, concord, the degrees in the san francisco. low 60s for the bayshore. 65 degrees in los gatos. taking a look of this kron 47 day your kron 4 7 day around the bay ice with a shower activity. but decreasing clouds and warmer temperatures. fog early wednesday and upper 60s! and again, late thursday. >>pam: fair reprieve with an extension of the collective bargaining last week. this will end this friday. in san francisco today the announcement of the new inductees for the peoria sports hall of fame. of vern glenn bay area sports of
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glenn. >> what was nice being done there is that you've been down there long enough. and i was down here that i etiquette to vote. and i voted for each one of them. >> the one who had victory?, yes. let me roll this. from right to left, julie inkster, dwight, siefert, and frank santee. the bay area sports hall of fame. what can you say? he is a golfing icon. george siefert, tutor for a super bowl victories. and the likenesses, it is nice to reminisce. >> we had great players, great quarter backing. crate ownership. with help with great-ownership from organization everything was
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there. as my wife mentioned, do not screw it up. >> i feel lucky enough from the words even from south carolina but it is everything that i did out here. -awards. when you get infected for something out here? it makes it feel real- kidding-inducted--really- getting inducted. as an accident he got to be a 49ers. and with siefert he drafted him. tory clark when on to spend nice years with the 1987. dwight clark--and even carmen and i was so grateful that i get my picture taken with both of them. >>pam: thank you, vern glenn.
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>> banthe i gargnome alaska, the 39th annual dog race, the idea ridorode... in alaska
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>>pam: charlie sheen was fired from his show " to in the half ma >> kimberlee: they got their hands on this 11 page boyer. he was a gauge and dangerously self- destructive conduct. and
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with trashing the plaza hotel in. city, cocaine, and even if the rulin the rethe re e is out of work, he needs an intern. it is a " paid for endorsement. and over the weekend, he was a no show. >> know that i am better solo, i invented a solo. and cold, cold--gold--and i don't feel any pain. in pain is a math. >> kimberlee: perhaps the something with over 1
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million the views? >>pam: a quick programming note. this freda we will have nbc programming. you can check this friday.
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>>pam: 6:00 p.m., new video with alleged police misconduct. you can see the kron 4 is analyzing the new contradiction that this new video is showing no s f p d officers have light. how the s f p d a wresting responsible r resting and this a man and a
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lying. >> watch closely as this man enters the san francisco henry hotel in december. merry a black jacket. a number of look of this surveillance video. -he is wearing a black jacket. and his client has shown walking down the hall and going through this corridor. arrested, and the police report stated that they found several bricks of cocaine. but they said it was not his jacket. the confiscated jacket was white. his jacket was black as the video shows. what happened here, is that this man was in jail for three weeks until the charges were dismissed. what i heard from his reports last week is that the house similar mine was one might happen to three months ago. -how similar--and i brought it to
6:02 pm
his attention and now i am bringing it to yours. >> these have recently videos showing alleged misconduct. the fbi and san francisco police department are launching an investigation that this also involves another on officer. bringing the total up to eight officers. >> a former oakland police officer shooting an unarmed man in 2008 has been rehired. catherine? >>catherine: yes, this is news people are not tapping the with. an incident in july 20th 08. they're not happy with. he was shot and killed as he led them on a car chase. and witnesses say that would fox got out of his car. he had his hands up. he started running one officers started yelling.
6:03 pm
officer hector ximenes shocked him three times. he said that he was reaching for his waistband. not sure if it was a weapon. and the family was awarded money. and the officer was his job was returned with retro pay. out reached. >> this is horrible. it- outrage. >> from our side, it is showing him that this is always happening. it always works and the officers favor because they are being treated special because the have a badge. no murder is special. a murder is a
6:04 pm
murderer. every time it is my son is his birthday he cannot call his father. or if it is a special day? he cannot to phone his father. frustration, disappointment, ms. trust in the legal system. anchor. - distrust and ancho anchor anch d now the marines to the police man? unbelievable. - and now they reinstate that police officer? >>catherine: and now the ground that he was not trained properly.
6:05 pm
>>pam: action may reverse this decision? >>catherine: possibly but not likely. and perhaps previous criminal charges could reverse the decision. but it does not appear to be likely. >> have governor jerry brown is struggling with the state budget deficit. and he does not have enough republican support to get the plan passed. jonathan lomas been talking to the governor's office. jonathan, blown. this says the election and the june jonathan blum. it jonathan blum? that is correct, we have a special election covera-he wants to have a special election. and the state needs three months. >> to expand the taxes that are already in place? >> correct, these are not
6:06 pm
new with the our current. and they are going to expire this year unless the voters renew them. and in this newsletter the do not want them to decide unless the compromise on these key issues. and he needs at least two different republicans from each side or you will not get them on the special election. >> and then what? >> and the worst case scenario a pie chart. one half of the revenue would be exemptions and one half would be the cuts. the cuts would of a b-1 bondand educatiod also from higher education. and the republicans decision? if you know any republicans that he, she could vote to give the people a voice. and if those
6:07 pm
republicans are going to be to me? and they take the anti-tax side? i hope you will be to meet and have a great debate. however, let us have the people decide. and in this case, only four people impacting the output. >> with the tax proposition want a hard spending cap, looser business regulations, less wasteful it is a laundry list, pam. and they are at an impact because the governor keeps rejecting or watering down the proposals. >> we have a lot of of a time but what is going to happen next? >> the governor is not one to meet the march 10th deadline but he is could to keep negotiating. perhaps they can reach an agreement. >> thank you, jonathan. >> gasoline prices are going record high. the average price has jumped 345 in the
6:08 pm
last few weeks. it is the second largest price increase in two weeks. christine connolly shows us. in the bay area, $4 is already here! >> talk about sticker shock! he is paid $111. the price for a gallon on the chevron in san francisco is $4.13 this drivers of the few is not running on fumes would not have stopped. it seems like gas prices are changing daily? they are! increasing. 13 consecutive days. we have not seen these prices in quite some time. average prices from aaa. uva the most in the san francisco it is $3.25. you will-. the most, and opened = $3.91, san francisco, $3.95, in the real price
6:09 pm
increases. right now, $3.50, one week ago when tripoli said it was $3.82, and right now, it is $3.50, in one month ago, $3.47, and it is not right now, $3.95 baulking sen >> according coverage continues with maureen kelly. >> regular unleaded at the current price is $3.25. aaa says that they can expect these prices to go up. this is $3.95 some are saying that the record what to make lifestyle changes. >> it is some place is that
6:10 pm
are even worse! >> is a fact of life, they go up, they come down. >> i believe that one day we will go completely green and get out of this mess. >> i might have to get a smaller car. >> i will use my bicycle more. car pooling. >>reporter: the average price has been going increasing and crazy pace. in even the 35 per day. one piece of good news is that monday it only went up one penny in the bay area. perhaps that is a sign that these prices will not go as fast as they're going up. maureen kelly. >> >>pam: the emergency stockpile of that the white house could deal with rising prices. over the weekend,
6:11 pm
the chief of staff said the options are happening with the strategic oil reserves is one of the options on the table. it holds 727 million bar. of oil. and a stockpile of one the gulf coast. and this was created in the arab oil embargo in the 1970's. >>jacqueline: stormtracker 4 radar right now, the north is getting the rainfall but i will tell you more about it. ♪ have a good daisy
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.g breaths ] i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. >>pam: 10 percent reduction and in addition, the pesnion
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reform. murder charges have been dropped this man. north beach jewelry store owner the body was found last week. officers responded to a well being a check. if tonya was suspensthe arrested on suspicion of burglary. prosecutors did not explain where the charges were dropped but they said the this case is still under investigation. we will be right back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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>> of pressure is mounting for a no-fly zone. against the rebel forces that control several cities. >> celebrations in two different cities today. and the left royalist of
6:19 pm
khaddafi. with the government showing a v victory and on the right, victim's of the fighting of that city. government troops targeted the oil ports cities. rebel forces are holding on and targeting khadafy's hometown. the violence is escalating and the rebel forces are not discouraged. they showed about a tank and a fighter jet. >> we shot it down one of your planes, you dog. >> with aircraft weapons that they need outside help to keep gaddafi's warplanes on the ground. the they have increased surveillance. >> there is no authorized use of force! >> france working to use a
6:20 pm
no-fly zone and nato is saying that a faithfu stillif tl score scale war develops? >> u.s. transports are using if refugees that made it across the border to tunisia. the egyptians also escaped to join the tens of thousands of people camping out here in the desert. >>jacqueline: the rainfall towards northern california. and if this is going to be pushing into the bay area over night. not that heavy. you can see on futurecast light shower activity. overnight, isolated sprinkles here, there, 4:00 a.m., light over he were, sahayward, and in the
6:21 pm
south bay. however, it should have died down with increasing sunshine in the afternoon. tsas i mentioned, not a lot of rainfall expected. when quarter of an inch in the north bay one 10th of an inch in the south bay and to the santa cruz mountains. that could even be pushing it. light showers spot the activity. it's just traces in the south bay. as we see the increasing clout the warm clouds-the increasing clouds will bring those warming temperatures. also 541 in half moon bay, 60s for the inland valley. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and spot the shower activity overnight and into tomorrow. decreasing cloud coverage and warm, into
6:22 pm
wednesday. temperatures in the upper 60s and even low 70's. things will be changing on thursday with increasing cloud coverage. more rain fall on monday. >>catherine: police want a writing sample from the suspect in the arizona shooting. so far, lockede is refusing, shooting gabrielle giffords. if illegal l--legal- motion pointing towards his requirement to submit a riding sample. >> a $3 million vietnam memorial. this will showcase
6:23 pm
australia's efforts. 500 australians were killed. 3000 wounded in vietnam. the prime minister had a private meeting with the president of the fittest it arlington heights. >>pam: a quick programming and milk.a programming note. [ male announcer ] the network.
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it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. >> kimberlee: chamfcharlie sheen is fired from his shell. after careful consideration, no decision has made from his show >> pop singer bodyguard is
6:27 pm
beingis filing charges against sexual harassment against. the against pretty serious. she , brittany spears, sent photos >> cindy locker and a south american airport. >> and i am back. and i would not be here if it was not for support that you have given me along the way. and i appreciative of thing, the fan belt, support,
6:28 pm
everything--cindy locky luaper was footage from south america airport.
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6:30 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: in san francisco, dog owners are opposing a ban for off-leash public parks in the san francisco. with ocean beach, and other dog destination beaches. and dog
6:31 pm
owners are " barking mad " with a meeting with the national park service that fort mason. they are taking comments from the public. >> this is an extreme plan that would eliminate 90 percent of the trails that of already been legally be used for 40 years. there needs to be a balance. you cannot just ban a leash area for dogs. >> over the years a number of complaints with dog issues, and dog on dog issues. dog on vivisitor issues. >>reporter: the republican will reconvene may 29th. their voices are being heard and that is why they're out
6:32 pm
here. demanding that these laws be changed. reporting live, da lin >>reporter: more allegations of police misconduct and san francisco. and yet, a nother video has surfaced. misconduct on-another video. take a look! with this client accused of wearing a jacket with drugs inside but he was never missed jacket in question. he was always wearing a black jacket. the dmv office has dismissed the case the police, the d a and the fbi are investigating. if the d.a.'s office has an dismissed the case. >>reporter: at the bay area, for over $4 per gallon is not uncommon it is been increasing daily for the last couple of weeks. the average equals $3.95 it is up 145 from last week. the
6:33 pm
highest was in june and 2008 $4.61. christine connolly. >> continuing our coverage i spoke with aaa that consumers can expect these to get even higher. the average price of regular has been increasing faster than normal for several weeks. with as much as 35 per day. possible good news is that on monday it only what up one penny. they are hoping that these prices will not keep going up as fast as they have been. maureen kelly. >> notification of parents sent to this school with the kidder carter passed away on friday. it-kidder gardner-- it was still not known if the flu has spento blame parents and an informed of the blame of the cause of death. and
6:34 pm
if their children are showing for like symptoms? to take their child to their family physician. , autopsy in toxicology resorts still pending. >> an ugly subject but fecal, mold, bacterial that bart commuters need to look out for. after a san francisco state university professor. kate thompson shows us what part is doing. >> talk about a dry cleaning bill! $50,000 per month dry cleaning its seats. and with wahl, nylon and foam with-wool, a hotbed of stains. the board of directors for bart is keeping these cars clean. in the past, we've cut back on the cleaning and the writers have told us that they want
6:35 pm
cleaner cars to test the commuters--of told us so it is not enough. we need to do more. and the trash is picked up. with vacuuming, and working crews come in with an industrial vacuum. if there is a bad seat they replace it. with 300-500 dry cleaned. every year. >>jacqueline: the big story is that these storms over night. the rain is starting to the north we will stay dry, so far. the tail and a porsche and. pushing all the way through the coast. and will be pushing and--and with slight shower activity isolated at best. so far, we are seeing decreasing clouds with the wind dying down. 8:00 a.m., we could see the
6:36 pm
decreasing cloud coverage towards tomorrow afternoon with warmer temperatures let us take a look of those tense neighborhood by neighborhood with 50s and tomorrow and those temperatures-fifties through san francisco, a somerville, richmond and the 60s will be cooler along the coast. the the four degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay spotty shower activity and we're glad to see a warm up. wednesday, upper 60s. show respect and thursday and rain sunday into monday. shower activity returning. >>catherine: another round of the coast of winter this buddy message message she sitmuddy mess in massachusetts --heavy rain. >> fierce winter storm blanketed upstate new york with 30 in. of snowfall a syracuse. cards, roads, barrett, people are trying
6:37 pm
to dig out cars-buried roads. >> it is heavy! a waiting hardtack witty to happen. >> the same in bennington, it did not seen a storm this bed in decades. power has been knocked out for thousands of people. heavy rainfall in new hampshire with a huge ice jack's wedging under all of these bridges. the backup was call listincausing flooding. have the accord is being brought in. snow melting, heavy rain, flooding in the central massachusetts. streets are closed, basements are flooded and in connecticut some families were forced from their homes early monday because of flooding and mudslides. and that the word of the day for many people in new jersey, west would new jersey they are getting a lot of flooding.
6:38 pm
westwood--it was practically without warning. >>pam: a quick programming note to tell you about. nbc programming on friday. you catch " who do you think you are? " and " mounnk " and even dr. phil this friday california should be proud.
6:39 pm
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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>>pam: amazing video. mt. kiliwaii this crater. part of the ground collapsed. the new offense and lava this is been in constant irruption since january, 1983. more on this eruption. >> you can look but from a
6:42 pm
distance. picturesque from erupting mount kiliwaiiya this means " spewing " or much spreading. and recently scientists have been monitoring heightened activity. one of the crater floors collapsed. 150 small earthquakes confined to the volcanic area. along the eastern side a area and the ground with lot of 65 ft. into the air. this is one of many volcanoes inside a hawaiian volcano observatory park. although trills and campsites have been closed as a safety precaution visitors can still be feel these-drill trails--from basic distance.
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>> gary: good evening,
6:46 pm
everybody. and with skies losing their hair. and this guy to ask some gentleman are losing their hair. >> for new members with 4 new members, coach siefert, and a super bowls, and called icons. sandy tatte in the san francisco itselfm, golf and two different football. and the sports hall of fame. >> we had great players, great quarterbacks. great ownership. and with help from the policy the organization everything was a there. as my wife mentioned, " to not screw it up " am i feel very lucky
6:47 pm
from north carolina and south carolina but it is everything that i did from out here. when you get infected from something out here it is surreal. - conducted-- >> gary: you've seen those bay area sports hall of fame to the airport. the raiders are losing one of their figures per stokowskand everythg was emotions are raw. and it looks like he is not one to be retained. he was not given a protective tender by al davis. it appears that he will go for another team. the upcoming barry bonds trial. a federal judge says that he will allow testimony. his relationship with barry bonds and the trainer, anderson. the perjury trial will be later this month. the other
6:48 pm
players expected to testify in this case will be weather or not he was administered steroids. supposedly, other plants will be able to step afford. other dutch plclients >> buster posy 1-nothing. and if you want to see matt pressur? a very popular figure n new-york. look at that! and an exhibition game which is kind of cool to risk himself. and with a nice with aschwisher, seven-11 of those stories that is going to be very, very popular.
6:49 pm
that in deals with wcc finals the men are planning at this hour. however, the women, paul thomas could hardly watched by courtney vanderslooth and loan her away, nc 88, 47, vander smooth, 18 assists, 16 rebounds shoes of most mvp. 16 rebounds, and when we return, the young lady with a dream. the owner of the east bay pit bulls. talking about how to make it in an all-star basketball league. a lot of guts. just to try something like this. and
6:50 pm
just pass the ball lot >> and she reportedly turned it down, we're back, next. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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>> gary: as to imagine, a big playoff, the east bay pit bulls. as we mentioned. the american basketball association. the inaugural season, pit bulls are one of more than 60 teams and the ever-growing owned by pleasanton resident, 10 a bomb. and how did you get the name pit bulls? tannenbaum-- >> i love the animals and it is in the most under most understood. for courage, strength and the the woman perhaps owning a basketball team could also be unmisunderstood.
6:54 pm
>> are you an old coach? >> heck no! i love bas basketball. i'm only 5 ft. 1 in., and i have children. now that i am a mom i can do it. and >> gary: with more power to you but it is difficult even college teams to not get a lot of play because this is a professional spot. with all the professional teams and you found out that it is difficult? >> it has definitely been difficult that there is another professional basketball team in the bay area besides the warriors. and it is professional basketball. however, once we get out there that talent because there are players want to play. >> gary: any names? >> from st. mary's, jordan,
6:55 pm
conner is also. >> gary: and did you pull your own money? >> yes, a partnership. and we saw an opportunity in the marketplace to be able to provide affordable sports entertainment. with the recession, you cannot take your family to a warriors came. it practically a mortgage-- >> gary: any success? >> yes. >> and how much per ticket? it is only $10 for adults, $5 for a children and under five is free. if >> gary: shorty? >> that is from the animal channel. he came out and was on a power game saturday
6:56 pm
night. he was able to hang out. to promote pit bull awareness and at the same time an avid basketball fan. >> gary: let me be honest, by nature i am at a very conservative. in a bear going to start a new league. give me some money i would say i don't think so but were you afraid? >> it has been in place for 10 years i believe in myself, i partners, and i know that will be able to build a business that is here to stay. we've done a phenomenal things i am proud. >> gary: playoff games? >> yes! the no. 10 in the nation. our next game is tuesday. tomorrow night. east bay pit >> gary: say that name again. >> yes, east bay pit bulls
6:57 pm
.com >> gary: and i think that you are doing great. could block see you at 11. could lock-- could lock-- could lock i wish you good luck-- [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's
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exclusive. the lindsay lohan tapes right here. >> the surveillance video of her alleged jewelry heist. "the insider" has it. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm lara spencer. "the insider" is on. four cameras. 40 minutes of closed circuit tv footage. the world exclusive. >> her friend by her side. the constant texting, the clerk helping lohan. >> did lindsay really steal the necklace? >> what does it take, being released mean to this case? a former l.a. prosecutor. a skilled defense attorney. dissecting the evidence tonight. second by second breakdown. >> if i'm lindsay's attorney, i love this tape. then charlie sheen from "two a


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